Thursday, 11 September 2014

Weekend to End Women’s Cancers

First Photo After The Finish Line

On behalf of team Bosom Buddies 2014, I would like to thank everyone who joined us on our journey towards the Shoppers Drug Mart’s “Weekend to End Women’s Cancer”. With your tremendous support we raised over $8, 500!! PLUS as a team, we walked a total off 188km!!! More importantly, together we all brought awareness and funds to the Princess Margaret Cancer Center.




The Weekend to End Women’s Cancer was quite the experience. On Day One, the ladies and I were up bright and early getting dressed in our "all-pink everything" attire. Thank you to FaReal Custom Tees for printing our shirts. Take a closer look at who some of us were walking for.




All participants and volunteers met 7:20am at the Rogers Center. As a collective we ate breakfast, performed some stretches (led by Ace, the Blue Jay’s mascot) and listened to some very inspirational stories from folks whose lives have been affected by Cancer.   


Ace <3

Say Hello To The Royale Kitten

The "Toronto Women In Mining"
Get It Ladies!
That Time I Was On The Jumbo Tron!

"Aint Nobody Got Time For Cancer"

"Mighty Mel" and "Ambitious Audrey"

And We're Off!


We then made our way through the streets of Toronto. Boy did I get a detailed tour of the city. All I remember was leaving the Rogers Center, blinking two times, and we were at Jane and Bloor! (DO YOU KNOW HOW FAR THAT IS!?!) That distance alone was confirmation to me that we are all capable of doing ANYTHING as long as you were willing to do the work!

The Rain Held Up For Us
The Wonder Women
I photo bombed Team "T-Cell"
There were stations all along the route from supporters <3
Sis & I - Completing 13.9km
The "Double Bubble" Crew

Channeling Our Inner Ballerina - My Hand Placement Is Horrible Though!! Lol


Organizers did keep us entertained throughout the time. We had mini cheer stations along the route; some had food, some had cultural entertainment, and some had DJs! I even spotted the Energizer Bunny and mayoral candidate Olivia Chow.


"TUTU" Cute!

Hey Chinatown!!!


There was also stations from Ukraine, Latin America, and more! The #CarnivalSpice in me was really happy to see a Junkanoo Bahamian Band and Steel Pannist "On Di Road" too!

Check out a clip of the pannist here:

Toronto is such a beautiful city. Right before approaching the lakeshore we stared in aww at the city skyline... Then filmed a little clip for you!


 If the video isn't visible, click the link here:
Team "Bosoms Up"

After 8 ½ hours our day one walk to end cancer was complete. What a journey. I can’t really describe the different pains my body was feeling because I was so overjoyed by the accomplishment. 32km???? and I wasn’t playing mas???? I am still in shock (ha!). Below is a three women who also completed the walk. We were all rewarded with a t-shirt that read "WE DID THIS TOGETHER" and we truly did!! I want to give a HUGE HUGE shout out to my Bosom Buddies team mate Dawnette for completing Day Two of the weekend. Her second walk was 28km! We are all so proud.






Cheers to the next adventure and big hugs and kisses to Carolyn Van, Sistah Angie, Kay Blair, the Bosom Buddies 2014, My Loving Family & My Awesome Friends <3

One last thing... for the "breast" mortgage rates call the "Mortgage Lady"!! :D

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Monday, 1 September 2014


This post is dedicated to all of you amazing people that have donated to my fundraising initiatives for the Weekend to End Women’s Cancers. I am touched by the overwhelming support from everyone: relatives, former co-workers, Carnival Spice crew, friends from high school & University, Carnival Siblings, clients, and even people that I don’t know! It has been a beautiful process.

With that said I am excited to announce that I have reached my personal goal of $1250 and so have all my teammates’ a.k.a “The Bosom Buddies”. We will officially be completing a 32km walk THIS Saturday with thousands of other awesome women! My next individual fundraising mark is $2000 and this will determine if I am eligible to walk on the Sunday.

I would also like to shout out all of the awesome women who came out Thursday night for the “Bosom Buddies Dance-Fitness Fundraiser” in benefit of the Princess Margaret Cancer Center. The one-hour workshop was held in downtown Toronto at The Citadel dance studio... boy did we have a time!


Sister, Mom, & Me


Women of all ages and ethnicities came out to donate, sweat and dance up a storm. Everyone was also quite excited to receive some of my "Carnival Spice" (HA!). 

Video Clips:

If the video isn't visible, click the link here:
If the video isn't visible, click the link here:

Additional Clips:

- Di energy was high!

- As you can see from the clip above, my 20 month year old nephew Matteo made for a great assistant; he enjoys any opportunity to dance.

The Weekend To End Cancer is in 5 Days which is more than enough time to make an even bigger impact! If you haven`t had an opportunity to donate please click HERE !! Whether small or big, your contribution is GREATLY appreciated.

I will be dedicating my participation in the walk to 3 amazing women:

(1)             Carolyn Van

This young woman is a true inspiration. We met in the dance world through the performance and training group Army of Sass. At the age of 28 Carolyn was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer this past March. She has used her strength in social media to document and share her journey through fighting young adult cancer. PLEASE PLEASE visit her blog…. It is truly powerful ->

(2)            ``Sistah Angie``

I have known this lady since I was a little girl.  Every time I see her it is so refreshing! She is so loving, positive, plus she makes THE BEST lasagna I have EVER eaten… and trust me, I have eaten A LOT of lasagna in my life time. As she battles the Big C, I ask that you all keep her in your prayers. She is a true fighter and will be this thing.

(3)            Kay Blair

Kay has been a community activist for years and has achieved a plethora of accolades for her contributions. Although I have never met this woman, her work has made a great impact on the development of my career and I truly appreciate her. Kay, my sister and I thank you for your efforts and we all know you will get through this!

XO to you all <3

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