Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Afraid of Color No More

Helllllloooooo To All Of You Wonderful People!

2015 has been quite adventurous, wouldn’t you agree? 
Thank you for all of the referrals, for the new follows/likes/subscribers, and to all those who attended my January classes. Trust me when I say the love is received and I aim to give the love right back to others through my work. Xo.

My first Simply Shakera blog post for the year could not have been any more special. It is dedicated to those of you who LOVE to wear black. I get it; black is slimming, easy to wear, corporat-esque, elegant, chic… the list goes on! For many of these reasons black is a common color found in my wardrobe too. I manage to squeeze color into my outfits using accessories, make up, or a pashmina. You will normally only see me dressed in color when I am on stage or “in meh costume on di road” (ha!).

Thankfully, the color angels came to my rescue! On Friday, February 6, 2015th two lovely ladies and I were featured on a segment of the Marilyn Denis Show! Each of us received style advice by fashion expert Alexis Honce as well as a head to toe outfit that suited our body types and personalities.

Before: Typical Shakera outfit includes a knit top or sweater, yoga pants, and wedge heels or combat boots… and you can’t forget my glasses (not shown) and ballerina bun!

Photo Credit:

After:  My new look definitely made me feel fabulous! The fit of everything was perfect and the pieces were so far from my comfort zone. I would never have thought to put these pieces together (shows you what I know). I guess I shall stick to dancing my butt off while I get better at incorporating color into my wardrobe. Wish me luck ya'll.

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Outfit Breakdown:
- H&M,$9.95

Top - H&M, $39.95

Skirt -Ted Baker, $220

Shoe - Nine West

Check out video from the segment below: 
...OMG Marilyn got me to dance! lol - goodtimes!

Thank you so much to the wonderful team at the Marilyn Denis Show for having us! The ladies and I had the best time and learned so much. Shakera, Michelle and Neelam are afraid of color no more!

For more style tips on how YOU can add more color to your wardrobe visit:

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