Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Divas Abroad in Belize for 2015

I am so happy to share with you that I will be headed to Belize, Central America with the 2015 Divas Abroad volunteer initiative - but first, I would love your help!

For 10 consecutive days, the Divas Abroad will collectively work to provide classes, workshops and exercises intended to empower women in Belize. This is truly an honour and I look forward to sharing my passion internationally with others while learning so much more in the process.

The experience is NOT to earn profits/revenue - this fund campaign is to cover basic travel and management costs. The purpose of the trip is to empower women; both the women organizing the trip (working together as a collective) and the women we will connect with in Belize. 

How Can You Donate To The Campaign?

Donate Online HERE Through My #GoFundMe Campaign Page.

You are also invited to the Divas Abroad fundraising events:

*Update* Dance In Support of #DivasAbroad15

Friday, October 23rd, 2015
3637 Grand Park Drive

“Vino Y Queso” - A Wine & Cheese Soiree

Saturday, October 17th, 2015
75 East Liberty Street

What Is Divas Abroad?

Divas Abroad is an amazing initiative that allows the opportunity for women to empower women. Two leading women-based communities, DivaGirl  and Sexy & Wealthy in Heels have teamed up with Dare to be a Dandelion, to create a volunteering experience for women in North America, to empower women in another country. 

The program will offer a group trip (in which fundraising initiatives will take place to attempt to cover basic costs), to take place November 13-23rd, 2015. Leaders within our community will work on building initiatives as a board. For 2015, we will be heading to Belize and partnering with the Cornerstone Foundation.

Why Belize?

In Belize, the tradition of women devoting their lives to caring for their home and children results in financial dependence on their partners. The current prevalence of alcohol and drug addiction stresses the unreliability of too many fathers and husbands as sources of support. Even when a woman is a significant participant in a family business, her contribution tends to be undervalued or unrecognized. 

The average village family has eleven children, and the average town family has five. Due to large family sizes, many of the women have inadequate education and vocational skills, as girls often do not attend school. Perhaps most unfortunate is that domestic violence is a taboo subject in Belize. The Divas Abroad workshops will empower and support women in these conditions to be successful entrepreneurs and leaders.

Our Partner Organization: The Cornerstone Foundation

 Cornerstone Foundation is a local organization founded in the town of San Ignacio, district of Cayo, Belize. 

They are a grass roots organization founded on the humanitarian principals of recognizing the specific needs facing their community. Their concerns are for the community and each individual that it encompasses, regardless of his or her condition. 

Cornerstone advocates for children and women's rights. They encourage women in violent situations to seek solutions and empower themselves with skills that enable them to achieve a degree of financial independence.
To find out more:  http://cornerstonefoundationbelize.org  

I thank you in advance for your support – IT MEANS THE WORLD!
Every dollar counts and is appreciated.



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