Thursday, 10 December 2015


 Thank you Belize for exchanging energy, knowledge, and lessons with the women of Divas Abroad 2015.

Your culture is rich with history.... Your people are full of love!
Being from a Jamaican background - I was especially comfortable! 

I embraced the rain and enjoyed the food… the memories will last forever <3

The Divas Abroad were in Belize as part of a women's empowerment initiative that was quite successful. Diva Girl Inc, Dare to Be a Dandelion, and The Cornerstone Foundation partnered to create a cultural exchange program between women in Canada and women in Belize. Seminar topics were selected in hopes of supporting the Belizean women’s journey through entrepreneurship. 

 The women from Belize in turn taught workshops that showcased services from their new businesses such as sewing, baking, hammock making and how to prepare a local dish from the Garifuna culture.

Instead of breaking down what we did, I would like to share principles that I was reminded of. I hope whoever reads this will make it their mission to live life (or continue living life) with these principles in mind. 

Be Fearless!

In work, in life, in love...  

Climb to the top of that mountain... Invest in your potential and/or great idea... 
Share your talent and never underestimate your capabilities. 

I promise you will feel amazing once you take a chance on yourself!

You Never Need A Reason To Help Someone!

This is very straight forward.
Your hand has the power to change someone's dreary situation, make someone smile, lift someone up (physically and spiritually)... 
See how you can be of service to someone today

Everything Is Energy!

In describing energy, a great quote reads: "Your thoughts begin it, your emotion amplifies it, and your action increases its momentum".

Keep your energy positive! Like attracts like! 

We Are One People!

After conversing with a group of women from different backgrounds, different ages who live in different countries, and speak different languages; you would be surprised by the amount of similarities that one can identify among the group.  I particularly noticed this after Divas Abroad 15'.

With individual strengths and weaknesses - we have more opportunity as a community to thrive if we collaborate more. 

Listen to more stories so that you can meet more people who share your vision.
#Strength in numbers

Gratitude Is The Attitude! 

Life Is A Blessing. 

Our resources are gifts. Appreciate them! Give thanks.
Cherish all that you have and all who you love. 

This is the perfect opportunity to say thanks again to all of my kind sponsors. Your support means so much and I am glad that you have been a part of this memory. The ladies and I raised a total of $14, 000. So amazing! #Amen

Meet The Divas:

SHE IS: in her 20s, in her 30s, in her 40s, Canadian, Japanese, Scottish, Jamaican, Portuguese, Trinidadian, Mexican, Irish, Colombian,  an entrepreneur, a university student, a mother, a wife, preparing for marriage, someone's significant other, a lover of the lord, spiritually driven, atheist, an extrovert, an introvert and so much more. 

With a heart full of love she unites with others to make further impact on this world we all live in. 



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