Tuesday, 30 December 2014

And That Concludes One Of The Best Chapters

2014 was truly a wonderful year… in work and in life… and not just for me, but for many of my loved ones which makes me all the more happy. I watched many identify their mission and take huge leaps of faith. I look forward to seeing what everyone has in store. One of the biggest lessons I learned this year is to trust yourself, work hard and put all of your desires into the universe… God will do the rest!

Transitioning my passions into my “dream job” has been quite the experience. I am so thankful for the positive feedback and the support I have received thus far. Don’t worry ya’ll it’s not in vain! I did have so much fun determining my 10 top Dance, Carnival, and Health & Wellness moments for 2014. Check it out:

..but first, an honourable mention goes to the Carnival Spice workout I hosted at the 2014 DivaGirl Conference! I will be back Saturday, April 18th 2015 for round two! See you there!

10. West Coast Travels

I was thrilled to visit the West Coast for a business trip. It’s soooo beautiful over there and the fish & chips are the bomb!

9. Onset with Marshal Dane

The first music video I danced in was Canadian Girls by Dean Brody ... ever since then I occasionally dust off my cowgirl boots. Had a fun day on set for "Alcohol Abuse" by Marshal Dane.

8.  What Makes a Man feat. Terry Crews

It was a pleasure doing one final project with my brother from another mother Sid Naidu before he went on his year long travels. We collaborated on a introductory piece for THE Terry Crews during his Toronto appearance at the What Makes A Man Conference. Thank you to the dancers and dhol players who brought my vision to life.

 If the video isn't visible, click the link here: http://youtu.be/Ur6mLx9SII4

7. Ladies on the Rise

I have 30 new little sisters. This summer I instructed the summer dance-fitness program for Ladies on the Rise. I am so proud of their hard work and commitment to the (fun )challenge!

6. Walk to End Cancer Fundraiser
Once again thank you to everyone who supported the Bosom Buddies during the Shoppers Drug Mart’s “Weekend to End Women’s Cancer”. With your tremendous support we raised over $8, 500 and each walked 32km!! I hosted a Carnival Spice workout to raise funds and man was it hype!!!

 If the video isn't visible, click the link here: http://youtu.be/ImzDIWcka-E

5. Kes the Band Repost

Imagine you're just having a session during rehearsal ...post the footage on instagram and one of your favourite artists shares your work on all their social media pages. Shout out to Kes the Band for the awesome music and the love! It was a reminder that I should share my work more!

Click the link HERE to view the video clip!

4. The SS Flash mobs you never saw coming.

It’s been a weddingful year from proposals to receptions! Lol. It was so great to see the reactions from our audiences’ when we hit the stage. Below is a clip of one of the Wedding Proposals we lead.

 If the video isn't visible, click the link here: http://youtu.be/S-ccgP7HpnU

3. Carnival Spice takes over the GTA
From Thornhill to Mississauga to Markham etc. Carnival Spice and Everything Nice definitely sprinkled Caribbean Carnival vibes all across the GTA. Check out our Facebook page for tons of photos and video... the team has lots in store.  

2. Socialize, Energize, Exercise (S.E.E)

I decided to create an event where women in my community can be physically active while allowing them an opportunity to get to know one another at the same time. The night was so wonderful that I have been encouraged to host S.E.E on the last Friday of every month! Next date: Friday, January 30th… Stay tuned for details!

1. Trinidad Carnival

My number one pick doesn’t even feel like it happened this year. My 10 days in Trinidad literally felt like a dream. Attending the mecca of Caribbean Carnival was such a great experience; I was reminded of why I love it so much. Trinidad I miss you and will continue to spread the Caribbean vibes to di world!! 

Cheers to 2014! <3

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