Monday, 28 March 2016

Get Into The Groove

It has been a while since my last post but I promise that I was keeping myself busy working on upcoming projects that I know you will love. 

Today's post is quite fitting of where my attention has been for the last few weeks. I just completed teaching a dance fitness children's program with the Toronto Public Library in celebration of Black History Month. Additionally, while leading my weekly classes with private clients I also launched ten week Carnival Spice programs in Toronto and Mississauga. It has been amazing seeing so many new faces and watching each person grow week by week. I appreciate everyone that comes out and can confidently say that the energy in each session is so special and felt by all!  Below are a couple anonymous responses from participants when asked, "How did you feel?" after one of my classes!

(Love you guys ^^^^^^ #squad)

"Get into the groove" is more than just a phrase, it is a an action that everyone should be practicing. I encourage you all to embrace the power of movement and if you have not tried a dance fitness workshop or class, then you are definitely missing out! I do understand however if you are unable to participate because of physical injury or other health reasons but any other concerns shouldn't stop you -  instead they should motivate you!

Dance fitness is a type of group exercise that incorporates dance moves/technique. This full body workout is tons of fun and the overall intensity of a class varies depending on the style of dance you are doing.  I often hear folks call dance fitness “ Zumba". To clarify, "Zumba" is a TYPE of dance fitness workout and one of the more popular dance fitness brands. Their instructors go through a training process based on the Zumba style, class format, and program principles. So for example, when someone calls any of my classes "Zumba" , they are very incorrect and legally if I ever advertised my classes as "Zumba" I could be sued for trademark infringement. #foodforthought #fyi #pleasestop #knowledgeispower

One of the main differences between dance fitness classes is STYLE! There can be fifty different hip hop classes out there but I promise you they are not the same. I challenge you to try them all so you can experience the difference for yourself and feel which one you enjoy the most. 

Whether in class or online there are so many great dance fitness classes out there that provide amazing results. Benefits include building your stamina and energy levels, strengthening and toning your muscles, burning tons of calories etc. Dance fitness workouts can also help you avoid or overcome plateaus because they will challenge the body in a different way. Plus most classes are super fun so you do not realize how much work you are putting in. 

Listed were only a few benefits that affect your physical state but there are amazing social benefits as well such as boosting your confidence, building your performance ability, releasing stress and meeting amazing people who are active and may also be looking for support for their workout too.  Not everyone in the class will be at the same fitness or dance level, but that is the beauty of it, you have to start somewhere in order to grow or see results. As as I would say, you have to "pace", listen to the music, listen to your body and take everything in stride. 

What to bring to a dance fitness class:
- a water bottle
- comfortable fitness attire and shoes
- a yoga mat (if you have)
- and a change of clothes because you will get sweaty!

There are so many different classes to choose from out there. Ask yourself:  What music do you like? How long is the class? Check out different videos and see how you feel while watching. 

Below are a couple different classes that I personally enjoy/attend in the GTA:

Army Of Sass with Carla Catherwood

- they also offer the opportunity for you to perform in front of a live audience. 
- they also have locations across Canada. 

Hot In Heels Canada with Angela Mahoney

- I especially enjoyed their 6 hour dance intensive in January. 

Fusion Cardio Toronto with Sumera Q

- Get your Zumba on here!

Caribbean Movements with Kay Ann Ward

-signature classes include Wickedest Wine and Socalicious; great foundations are taught here. 

Carnival Spice with Simply Shakera

- fuses all the sounds of the Caribbean such as soca, dancehall, and chutney. 
- The Spring programs end May 9th in Downtown Toronto & Central Mississauga. See below for further program details!

If video does not load, please click here: (

Join Carnival Spice for Caribbean Dance Fitness. 
Click HERE to reserve your spot in Toronto or HERE to reserve your spot in Mississauga.

See you on the dance floor!

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